| about Marie |


I was interested in art in one form or another for as long as I can remember.

I studied fashion design at Philadelphia University. Later, I realized I had a strong dislike for the, "industry." I then attended Temple University to study art history, which was informative but I was young and wanted to travel. I made a goal for myself at this point in my life to acquire an occupation which would enable and encourage me to travel.

I am especially fond of Japanese tattoos and have always been drawn to Asian aesthetics in general. It might be easy to assume that because I am Asian (Korean) myself, this a natural inclination. However, I actually grew up with Polish/Irish parents in a Roman-Catholic household in a small beach town and had no Asian sources in my everyday life to draw upon until I moved to Oahu on a whim in 2004. I believe prevalence of Victorian influence in my hometown contributed to my obsession with ornamental design, flowing patterns, and color (Art Nouveau, antique inspired). 

I moved to Hawaii in 2004 for no reason other than I was on a traveling kick and had not planned to stay. I loved the life I had adopted, however, on the North Shore of surfing and the general laid back lifestyle.

I hope to use my work as a way to continue the traveling I started a long time ago and draw upon other cultures and lifestyles as inspiration for my tattoos and artwork. 

I feel very strongly about the importance of maintaining integrity in the tattoo industry.  I put genuine, 100% effort toward my tattoos and I appreciate clientele who are open minded and also share an appreciation for the, "art form."  I consider myself very fortunate to call Hawaii my home, and to be able to possess the large clientele base on such a small island in the middle of the ocean, that I do :)