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Aloha :)

This is a standard form which I would like all my potential clients to fill out. 

Please give me just enough information to sufficiently provide me with an idea of what you would like, however, please do not get too extensive as we will be meeting in person to discuss said tattoo at one point.

After your in-person consultation, we will take a standard deposit from you and then set a date for your tattoo. Deposits are 100% NON-REFUNDABLE. If you fail to contact me about rescheduling your appointment with 48 hour notice, you will forfeit your deposit. Time is valuable. 

Those who are getting large scale pieces (sleeves, backpieces, etc.) will be encouraged to make several appointments at once, so as to make the subsequent appointment(s) less far apart which will expedite completion (if this is of importance to you). 

No artwork will be texted/emailed to client before the date of their appointment.

Please be open and flexible with me. Trust that I truly have the best interests at heart for your tattoo. I value my clients and I will strive to make your tattoo the best I possibly can.